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**COMING SOON - MARVEL / DC Comics gallery statue collection**

Hi my name is Joey and welcome to my site all about my art portfolio/gallery and my hobby of comic book and statue collecting. I suppose I could tell you about my passion for art or my love for technology or the time I've spent obtaining my collection of comic book related statues. Driving to L.A. to San Francisco, pretty much anywhere if its a piece i'm chasing. And as usual share it with other Super Collectors or beginners. Such great works of art I must add. But I wont. Just click the links and enjoy the site.And if you are smart enough you will find some hidden pages on this site. Look for out of place words...etc.

Designed from scratch and now there's stuff worth looking at on here. Any comments, concerns, grudges, complaints feel free to use the CONTACT ME link.

Thank You

a.k.a D®@ɱ3R
site owner, Dreamer, gamer, writer, artist, super collector...etc..etc..etc